Specific Diet Needs at HuHot

Vegetarian Diet

Many of our house sauces contain fish products such as fish sauce and
oyster sauce. The following sauces are VEGETARIAN-FRIENDLY: Not-So-Sweet and Sour, Samurai Teriyaki, Feed the Hordes Hoisin, Burn-Your-Village BBQ, Mongol Mustard, All Create-Your-Own Sauces.

Our soups have a chicken broth base.

Our Spring Rolls are vegetarian-friendly.

Please inform the cooks about your vegetarian status prior to handing them your bowl at the grill. They will then prepare a clean cooking surface on the grill and use fresh utensils to stirfry your meal. Keep in mind that, although we take these precautions, due to the nature of our food line and cooking process we cannot absolutely guarantee your food will not come into contact with an animal product.

Low-Sugar Diet

All our house sauces contain some sugar, but they are not necessarily high in sugar. AVOID THE NOT-SO-SWEET-AND-SOUR SAUCE as it has a high sugar content. All create-your-own sauces except Sweet Chili Sauce have NO ADDED SUGAR.

Our asian vinaigrette contains a large amount of sugar.

Low-Salt Diet

All of our house sauces contain sodium. All of the Create-Your-Own Sauces are low in sodium EXCEPT SOY SAUCE AND GARLIC CHILI SAUCE.

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If you have any questions about other dietary requirements please feel free to contact HuHot Mongolian Grill for more information.

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